As night falls, SONNDR begins to stir. A four-headed creature of the night with a keen ear for street sounds: the clatter of rolling shutters coming down, breaking glass, buzzing neon, rain drumming on the roof of a car. In this world of steel and concrete, nothing is as it seems. Headlights cast long shadows on crumbling facades, screens light up in the dark, a shop-window reflects an unfamiliar face. Behind the scenes of this Lynchian setting we find Florian Veenhuis, Glenn Kessler, Aswin van der As, and Joris Telgen. As SONNDR they translate post punk and no wave to a futuristic sound that tears and claws. With repetitive, propelling rhythms, layered noise, and acute lyrics, they express the paranoia of urban alienation. Those echoing voices, where do they come from? SONNDR holds up a mirror that reflects and distorts our reality. Any moment now, it could shatter into pieces.

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