la loye

The unconditionally love from la loye’s indiefolk is both subtle and layered. With whispering vocals and dark instrumentation, the band forms an intimate scenery in which the personal lyrics of songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld about the fear of growing up and the art of being alone are paramount.

The band is both unpolished and modest without renouncing the melancholy that embraces the music. la loye is the kind of band that wraps you in a large warm blanket, and tells you everything will be fine.

The Tambles

If you look quickly it might seem like The Tambles stepped out of a time machine. Besides that the boys look like extras from a 60’s cult film, their garage rock also sounds like an oiled engine of a classic Chevrolet Camaro at full speed.

You might already know the boys as the backing band from Jerry Hormone, from their successful tribute to The Velvet Underground with, among others, Maurits Westerik, Henk Koorn and Carol van Dijk as their guest musicians or as one of the most booked bands from Popronde 2018 with no fewer than 27 shows.

This fall the band will release their debut album through the Spanish Bickerton Records with which they promise to bring you back to 1966.


Post-punk minded quartet KIEFF combine their love for sonic onslaught, chaotic harmonies and the unusual to create exuberant and fierce songs. Strung out with wiry guitar and incisive rhythms, their approach is mostly filled to the brim with opulent ideas and joyful melodies to round off their inimitable compositions.

September 2019 KIEFF saw the release of their mixtape: Das Anton. Recorded in the small, but cosy Sahara Sound Studio helmed by legendary Henk Koorn.


Niko makes raw and danceable indie rock. Musically, the band alternates between angular riffs and catchy choruses in which Nik van den Berg shows you the romance of a fluorescent-lit room. The songs, not entirely without irony, are driven by a raging wall of melody that flows from the band as if it is their lifeblood

The band, once started as a solo project in Los Angeles, released its EP in 2018: “You Might Like It, But I Might Just Hate It”. A cassette full of songs with nasty guitar solos and choruses that are irresistible to sing along while driving on the highway.

After playing an abundance of shows – in student rooms, venues and festivals such as Grasnapolsky, Motel Mozaique and The Life I Live – the band prepared for the recording of their new EP which will be released in August 2019. On this new EP the band seamlessly connect 6 new tracks that, together with the raw sound, makes Niko beter than ever before.


Heavy guitar walls, pounding drums and distortion, all carried across through dreamy pop melodies.

On this showing Wolvon were rabid and bestial, veritable Gabriel Ernests of Rock: battering their equipment and shredding the atmosphere like a bear in a supermarket. At one stage singer Ike was writhing on SUB’s filthy floor, eyes rolling and gob agape, howling through some form of bozo incantation, waiting to be beamed up to some guitar playing alien world where beer was permanently cold and Ash Ra Tempel played all day on the coin-op. Some of the audience were howling at this point too, things got ridiculously loose and things were going decidedly fuzzy at the edges, like a barn dance where someone’s put acid in the lemonade. Not only that but the place was in near darkness, as someone had knocked the lights off in the SUB. In true werewolf fashion, Wolvon played on, howling and crashing with only the light of two underpowered disco lights and a phone flash. Epic. Bananas.


Winterdagen is the neo-classical music project of pianist Mink Steekelenburg who will take you on a journey through expressive and minimal music.

Inspired by artists like Greg Haines, Ólafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Otto A. Totland, Nils Frahm oa. Winterdagen produces a soft and melancholic palette of sounds. When playing live, winterdagen keeps things exciting by playing multiple instruments, and including electronic elements in his pieces.


This is one boy/girl duo who aren’t dealing in cute and cuddly lo-fi. Fast, furious, and possessing more attitude in their sweaty outfits than should be legal. Performing their atom-splitting menace of post-punk, blues, black metal and post-grunge as if the apocalypse could occur any moment.

“BlackBoxRed seem to have found a space, unbeknownst to anyone here in the Netherlands, and use it to create a sonic worldview in a full-on rock record that more affected, or fashion-conscious acts will find nigh on impossible to beat”  – Richard James Foster, Louder Than War


Korfbal “the ultimate sport”! If you control korfbal, you can perfectly practice any team sport. If that gives the korfbal sport no new respect, then this band certainly does. With members of Price, Canshaker Pi and The Homesick the band will win every competition with their corny garage rock.